Women in Taxidermy

Highlighting women in taxidermy from yesterday and today.

Women are a minority in the field of taxidermy. Their accomplishments have traditionally been underrepresented, even though their contributions are vast and important. Far from the limelight, their passion and work inspire all who know them, becoming role models for many.

The United Taxidermist Association would like to announce, ‘Women in Taxidermy’, a new publication for these unsung heroes. Each month we’ll highlight a female taxidermist who pursues their passion and creates opportunities for others to follow. They could be living legends, historical heroes, or seemingly regular women you’ve never heard of. Regardless, they will have made it in our field, often in uncharted territory. They’ll be groundbreakers, rule-breakers, and trailblazers. They’ll inspire.

If you want to recognize and honor one of these remarkable women submit an original article (with photos) to uta@unitedtaxidermyassociation.com titled - Women in Taxidermy. We’ll review each nomination and select one every month to publish in the online Artisan Magazine.