Arlington Cape, LLC

Custom Wholesale Tannery / Fur Dresser

Arlington Cape was started in 1991 with little more than the knowledge and ability to produce a quality tanned skin. We are a custom wholesale tannery/fur dresser catering to the taxidermy industry. We have grown over the years, with a building addition, the purchase of two more buildings, and additional equipment and employees, but our goal in business has always remained the same – to provide a product that is as close as possible ready to mount. We tan for you, not ourselves.

Our Cape Tan (a wet tan) is the best choice for skins that will be mounted. Our skins are all fully oiled with different custom blends of oils, allowed to penetrate and bond, then they are drummed with the skin side out, then everything is inverted, including the ears, and drummed again so all the hair or fur is also clean and damp dried. The great retention of color and epidermis on our African skins done with our Cape tan process will allow you to create a highly detailed mount with a minimal amount of finish work.

Our dry tanning/dressing service is the best choice for all your skins that will be made into rugs, with or without mounted heads. When dampened, the skin soaks back quickly and easily so you can mount the rug shell with ease, sew in any tucks or repairs and stretch the skin. After wetting the skin, it will dry with a flatter leather, but it will still be soft and pliable, giving you a finished product with clean, full bodied fur that looks better than when it was alive.

We also sell fleshing machines, assorted tools, and tanning supplies. For more information on our Cape Master Shaver or our Cape Master Taxidermy Model please visit our website. For a complete list of tools and supplies or pricing on our tanning services please call (419) 365-5321.

Arlington Cape, LLC

110 W. Liberty St.

P O Box 111

Arlington, OH 45814

Keith Daniels

(419) 365-5321

Taxidermy Direct, LLC

Advanced Taxidermy Software

Taxidermy Direct® is the only online taxidermy software written specifically for the full and part-time taxidermists.  We interviewed dozens of taxidermists from Alaska to Florida, spoke with several schools and suppliers, and then developed use cases that later became the feature-rich product that’s available today. We continue to add enhancements and updates to support new and existing customers.

Access from PCs, MACs, Tablets, & Phones!

Use Taxidermy Direct® to manage your customers, orders, jobs, revenue, expenses, and more. Print taxidermy forms, invoices, work orders, taxidermy tags, game and fish reports, migratory bird logs, sales and use tax reports.  

Get Answers Anytime 

Access customer info, jobs, invoices, due dates, payment history, and more... All from your smart phone! 

Work from Anywhere

Unlimited users / Unlimited computers. Manage your business when and where YOU want to. 

Peace of Mind

Automatic Backups, Built-in Security, FREE Upgrades.

User-Friendly Features

One-click invoicing, Quick Orders, Auto-fill Forms, On-screen Smart Help, Excel Export.

In this highly competitive market, taxidermists need business tools today that will give them results tomorrow. It's time to go beyond the basics of bookkeeping. Sign up for your 30 Day Free Trial today!

Taxidermy Direct, LLC

PO Box 141

Edgerton, WI  53534 

John Jennings

(608) 334-9478

Snapshot Taxidermy

Capturing the Essence of Wildlife

We are passionate about animals, travel, hunting, fishing, our family, this country, and each other! Obsessed with detail, we’ve joined forces to combine our unique skill sets to create the business of our dreams!

Rick brings a lifetime background of hunting and trapping, as well as experience in carpentry and electrical work, farming, butchering, world travel, an incredible work ethic, and training in both professional and championship mounts to the table - a skill set that can only come from a lifetime of experience!

Also a hunter and animal-lover, Alison brings 15 years of professional experience in interior design to the table along with training in professional taxidermy, world travel, a great work ethic, and a flare for the creative!

Together, we strive to capture moments in each animal’s life just like taking a photograph.  Welcome to Snapshot Taxidermy!  We are honored to create a snapshot of your animal’s life for you to enjoy and pass down to future generations!

Rick & Alison

Snapshot Taxidermy

836 Snowdrift Rd
Columbia Cross Roads, PA  16914 

Rick & Alison