1.  Any state may have a team of 3 to 5 artists. All team members must be residents of the state team they are on and must be a member in good standing of their state association.
  2. Entries shall be from the following categories: Birds, Fish, Mammals, Game Heads and Reptiles. No reproduction or freeze dry entries are allowed. However, reproduction fish heads and fins, bird bills, beaks and feet, mammal noses and turkey heads including freeze dry turkey heads are allowed.
  3. A minimum of 4 entries per team from at least 4 separate categories is required. Each entry may be the work of an individual team member or the team as a whole. However, all the teams’ entries can not be solely done by only one team member. All team members must enter a piece. Entries that are done collectively by more than one team member “Must” be entered into the Main Competition as a Collective Artist entry.
  4. UTA competition rules other than the stated Challenge of the States rules where applicable will also apply.
  5. The 3 teams with the highest scoring entries will be determined from the competition score sheets. The competition judges will then pick the winning team of the UTA Challenge of the States from these 3 top teams.
  6. Winning State team receives the UTA Challenge of the States Award, a cash prize of which the team gets half and their state association gets half. Most importantly…the winning team gets the “Braggin’ Rights” for the next two years!!