Bob Schnettgoecke - Life size and game head Judge


 Bob owns and operates Schnettgoecke’s Taxidermy located in Southern Illinois. This will be his thirtieth year of practicing the art of taxidermy. He began competing in 1991 and has had many highs and lows and won many awards during this time. Having begun his career as a judge four years ago, competition has taken a different look from him. He enjoys working with the competitors and helping them improve their techniques and understanding of the art and achieve a higher level of performance. Bob appreciates all of the help he has received through his journey and hopes to give back to the competitors through positive critiques and interaction.  

Jack Emery - Deer Judge


 Jack is a two-time National Champion deer taxidermist. He received the Top Competitor Award at the World Taxidermy Show in 2011 in the Professional division and was the World Champion in 2013. He is also a two-time winner of the Joseph Bruchae Award, North American Champion and is an inductee in the Illinois Taxidermy Association Hall of Fame. Jack has judges several state shows, the UTA show and the World Show in 2017.

Cory Caruthers - Birds


 Cory has been doing Taxidermy for 36 years, full time since he graduated high school. He started off as a fish taxidermist, mounting around three hundred fish a year while mounting a few birds here and there. Cory began mounting more and more birds before transitioning his business into exclusively mounting birds. His titles include National Champion, North American Champion and five- time World \Master's Division Champion. An experienced instructor and seminar leader, Cory has also developed and sells his own line of bird mannikins and bird heads which can be purchased through Matuska Taxidermy Supply. 

Rick Krane - Fish Judge


Over the past 30 years, New England born and New Hampshire’s own most celebrated Taxidermist Rick Krane has become recognized as one of the best fish taxidermist in the World. Rick has won Top Honors at the World, National, International and State championship taxidermy awards for his beautiful life like taxidermy displays. Humbly and diligently through hard work and a lifelong commitment to the betterment of taxidermy, Rick has amassed a long list of honors and accomplishments in the industry.

In addition to Museum projects and custom commission pieces of art, many of Rick’s displays have been featured on the front cover of taxidermy, carving and wildlife art magazines.  Rick is a highly sought after veteran nationally certified Judge and Instructor.  Rick has judged and conducted seminars in numerous Taxidermy, Wildlife Art, and Wood Carving Competitions including sanctioned events of the National Taxidermy Association, International Guild of Taxidermist, United Taxidermy Association and the prestigious World Taxidermy Competitions. 

For over 30 years Rick had provided education and knowledge for the betterment of taxidermy in 35 states throughout the USA and Canada and has recently been recognized as an official educational institution in the state of New Hampshire.

Rick has diversified Anglers Artistry into a multi-faceted business. Teaching being Ricks great passion, Instructional DVDS and learning material, and of course, mounting fish for an impressive clientele. 


Competition Whitetail - Mounting Eyes, Ears, and Nose.

with Jack Emery | Room 103 

Mounting a Life-size Raccoon

with Bob Schnettgoecke |  Room 105 

Mounting a Duck

 with Cory Caruthers |  Room 106

Seminar #4 - Room 103

 with Rick Krane | Room 103

Hands-on Bobcat Eye and Ear Setting

 with Cindy Cunningham |  Room 105

Antler Repair and Reproduction

 with Olaus Lyons |  Room 106

'Stuffed' Movie Screening

sponsored by Taxidermy Direct® | Room 103

Various showtimes

Competition Techniques for Small Mammal Shoulder Mounts

with Cole Cruickshank | Room 106

All-day Pre-registration required - Only 8 seats available - $500

Mounting a Strutting Turkey

with Dan Rinehart | Room 103 

Antelope Shoulder Mount

with Brandon O'Hare | Room 105 

Seminar #11 - Room 106


Mounting a Flying Pheasant

with Tim Cooley | Room 103

Painting a Reproduction Bluegill with different mediums

with Jimmy Lawrence | Room 105

'Big Fur' Movie Screening

sponsored by Taxidermy Direct® | Room 103

Various showtimes

Life-size Form Alterations

with Todd Kranua | Room 105

Molding and Casting a Desert Prickly Pear

with Kerby Ross | Room 106

Seminar #17 - Room 103

with Ken Walker | Room 103

Mounting an African Game Head

with Clint Bowman | Room 103

Mounting a Rattlesnake

with Shep Brown | Room 105

Mounting a Largemouth Bass

with Cory Foth | Room 106

Mounting a Largemouth Bass on a hand-carved body using the real head.

Taxidermy 101, "The Business Side"

with Craig Lewis | Room 103 

KIDS Program

with Garland Lessley | Room 106


"Stuffed" is a documentary feature film about the surprising world of taxidermy. Told through the eyes and hands of acclaimed artists across the world, the film explores this diverse subculture, where sculptors must also be scientists, seeing life where others only see death.   

And, in an unexpected twist, Stuffed reveals the importance of preserving nature, using taxidermy as its unlikely vehicle, and the taxidermist as its wild driver.

'Big Fur'

“Big Fur” is a wry, funny portrait of an eccentric artist-hero. World champion taxidermist Ken Walker builds a life-sized Bigfoot, based on frames from an iconic 1967 movie, and unveils her at the World Taxidermy Championships.

While Ken would love to win Best in Show, his real hope is that putting “Patty” on display will prompt some hunter to open his freezer and pull out the proof Bigfoot is real.