2020 UTA Expo - wichita, ks

Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview


$104 per night.  Free Hot Breakfast,  Free 5:30 Kickback®,  Free Soft Drinks and Popcorn,  Free Wi-Fi Throughout the Hotel.

Call 1-800-325-0720 to reserve your room. Use the UTA Expo group number 2378449. Reserve by Friday, April 10th, 2020 to receive our group rate.

Schedule of Events


We have a HUGE lineup of seminars at the UTA Expo. Topics include mounting a gamehead, a flying duck, a flying pheasant, desert lizard, rattlesnakes, lifesize form altering, and fish painting a largemouth bass (mounted on a hand-carved form). Learn hands-on as we set eyes in a shoulder mount bobcat.



2020 UTA Competition Judges

Jack Emery - Deer

Cory Caruthers - Birds

Rick Krane - Fish / Reptiles

 Bob Schnettegoecke - Lifesize / Gameheads

Exclusive Reserve Seminar


Cole Cruickshank presents Competition Techniques for Small Mammal Shoulder Mounts. Learn what it takes at the UTA Expo.

Limited seating - only EIGHT spots available. Cost is $500. Bring your own cape, mannikin, and inspiration, we'll supply the rest.

Watch Movies


Sponsored by Taxidermy Direct®

'Stuffed' and 'Big Fur' will be available to watch free of charge to all UTA Expo attendees. As an added bonus, Ken Walker and his sasquatch, Patty, will also be at the show. Make sure you track them down.

2020 UTA Expo - Wichita, KS


Compete for the Leon L. Pray Award, the Artisan Award, and Challenge of the States at the UTA Expo.

UTA Competition Rules - Revised 11/11/2018